What Are You Willing to Give Up?

I need to read this statement daily. Maybe it’s the big 4-0 birthday on the horizon that has me caught up in the “carpe diem” memes. Maybe it’s that the 40th birthday is supposed to be this monumental year in your life when you transition from growing up to growing old. 

For me, it’s because this birthday is happening when I finally feel at home. I’m laying down some roots and have time to grow and accept myself as I am. I’m ready to settle down in Cincinnati.

As 40 makes it way to greet me, I realize it’s time to put aside those silly notions that I have the time and energy to say yes to doing all the things. In actuality, I don’t want to do all the things and never wanted to. I only pretended to do all the things because that’s the message I received from society. Because that’s what I saw all over Facebook and Instagram. No more.

There’s still time to dream, but it’s dreaming about reaching those few long-held goals I’ve kept tucked inside and was too afraid to speak into existence. It’s about learning how to add those goals into my life in bite-size steps and achieve them. It’s about accomplishing goals that bring happiness and joy in my life. 

It’s not about pleasing others. It’s not about living a picture perfect life on social media. Or about meeting the confines of what society deems normal or acceptable. It’s about me. My family. My dreams. My goals. 

Free time is a limited commodity in my life between raising kids, homeschooling and freelancing. But slowly, I’m outlining those goals I held inside and will share them later. But for now, my friends, learn to say no to the things that no longer serve you and say yes to achieving those things that make your soul sing. You’ll be so much happier. I promise.