Why I Chose to Homeschool my Son


Don’t be fooled by that sweet face.

“Niko, stop. Put that down. Stop running. Don’t throw that. Where did you find gum? For goodness sake, Niko, will you just stand still for two minutes!” 

I’m certain by the time we leave Target, the library, the grocery store or any public place, everyone knows there’s a boy named Niko acting wild in the aisles. And a mom who has the angry whisper down to an art.

That behavior is everyday. All day. He’s a sweet kid, but has endless amounts of energy. He wakes at 5:30am and we fight to put him to bed at 8pm. I try to keep him busy to harness his energy for good instead of evil, but I’m not always successful.  


He could barely keep his eyes open during dinner and quickly fell asleep in my lap. The Finn carried him back to our hotel room where he didn’t stir until the morning.

On vacation, it took six hours of swimming in 90 degree heat to tucker him out by dinnertime. Mind you, this was day three of all day swimming and he was awake at his usual crack of dawn time.

Niko’s high energy level is the main reason I decided homeschool would be the best choice. I struggle to picture him sitting quietly at a desk. He needs to move. Constantly. I don’t want his adventurous spirit broken or have him believe it’s wrong to move and play. He’s six years old. He should be doing those things all day.

Homeschooling allows me the ability to teach lessons in short bursts. He can bounce on an exercise ball while we read history. Or jump up and down while we review reading words. He can fidget with his Hot Wheels while we discuss science. We can take breaks when he becomes frustrated or loses focus. 


Early morning bike rides help get the restless energy out before our school days begin.

Another argument is it’s easier to have both my kids on the same schedule. Suvi will begin her third year at home with me. Not worrying about catching the bus, packing lunches, or being on a set schedule is a blessing. We’re early risers and adjust our school schedule to reflect that. We’re usually eating second breakfast or off on a bike ride when we hear the school bus drive by. We go on field trips, run errands and take a day off when needed. There’s so much flexibility when both kids are homeschooled. 

While it was never my intention to homeschool, I’ve found I enjoy teaching my children. I like selecting what they’re learning each year. I delight in watching their eyes light us as the idea clicks in their growing brains. I easily identify if they’re struggling with a topic and find ways to help. 


Cincinnati Reds! The kids first baseball game this summer. We lasted four innings.

It’s a privilege to have my children close to me and be in charge of their education. I’m excited to add Niko to our daily homeschool life and watch him grow.