Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up. As in SEVEN days away. I know we’re trying to survive the extended quarantine and looking forward to drowning our sorrows in margaritas for Cinco de Mayo this week week, but don’t forget about the moms in your life. 

Let’s face it, the places that are slowly re-opening aren’t going to make much difference to how we’re living life now. So, let’s keep it easy this year for gifts for your ol’ madre. 

  1. Booze
    If you’re a mom or a grown-ass adult hiding out at mom’s house during this ordeal, buy the poor lady some alcohol. Grab a nice bottle of wine, vodka, or tequila. Spring for the nice stuff. She’s been with you for over 30 days and made 17,624 meals for you. (I suggest Scout + Cellar wine. Clean-crafted, no added sugar, fewer calories and still delicious.)
  2. Spa Day
    Give mom an “at home spa day” because they’re not opening anytime soon and all us moms are in need of a pedicure and lots of long, hot baths to soak away our stress and steal some alone time. Snag my favorite charcoal mask from Beautycounter HERE. Add a fancy beeswax candle and bath salts for a total relaxation package.
    Have you or the kids been a real pain in the ass during lockdown? Consider adding THIS Lemongrass Body Set from Beautycounter. It’ll leave mom’s skin soft and refreshed. Or add booze. Booze always works as a gift.

  3. All About the Herbs
    I don’t live in WA anymore, so that’s not what I’m talking about. An indoor herb garden is a lovely, inexpensive gift that will last for years. It’ll give mom something to do for the next month. Fresh basil, rosemary and dill for every meal! I’ll be adding THIS one to my kitchen. Or maybe THIS one.

  4. Gift Cards
    I hear restaurants will re-open one day and we’ll be free to not fix all the meals and wash every dish we own Why not support a local business during this time and buy a gift card to your favorite restaurant or bakery? Or look into local bakeries and restaurants that are offering carry out specials.

  5. Leave Me Alone
    This is a free, easy gift. Tell your loved ones to leave you the hell alone for the day. Lock yourself in your bedroom with your favorite snacks, drinks and shows. Binge watch Netflix in your pajamas while eating your feelings. Or tell your family to leave. There’s some stuff open. Go for a long car ride. For the love of God, get out the house and give me some peace and quiet for a few hours. 

There you have it. Five quick, easy and painless gifts for Mother’s Day. You have zero excuses to show up empty-handed on Sunday. If you’re a mom, send your partner this link, remind your kiddos to make a card and order wine from Scout + Cellar. It’s delivered to your door!