10 Green Gift Ideas

The holidays are here! This season, I’m trying to be more intentional and environmentally conscious with my gifting. Below is a list of items that are kinder for the environment and/or your body. Let’s jump in:

  1. Stainless steel straws– I bought a stainless steel set of straws similar to THESE three years ago. They’re still going strong. I like stainless steel better than glass straws because of the durability. Even my kids love them!
  2. Homemade candles– Everyone loves candles. Use an old canning jar, jelly jar or tea cup as your base. Add essential oils or natural food coloring to create a nicely scented or colored candle. Read my old post HERE on how to make candles.
  3. Beautycounter products– If you’re ready to help a friend switch to safer, cleaner skin care and make-up, Beautycounter has several great gift ideas. (Shop my site HERE.)
    a. Charcoal Mask– Everyone loves a good charcoal mask or bar. Perfect for hard to buy for  family members, gift exchanges and more.
    b. Nice-Do Kids Shampoo– This might be more for the parents to open, but a bottle of our non-toxic, paragon free shampoo paired with a few bath toys, homemade soap or festive towel is a nice gift for parents and kids.
    c. Hand Cream Trio– This holiday set is great for teachers, gift exchanges and everyone. Who doesn’t love a hand lotion that smells great and isn’t full of chemicals? You can break apart the set and give a single lotion wrapped up in a cute bag with a hand sanitizer or homemade soap. Win-win!
  4. Bread Starter– Do you have a friend who loves to cook or bake? Or is an aspiring baker? Give the gift of a bread starter kit. It’s a lovely gift that will allow them to keep on baking fresh loaves of bread. Invite your friend to dinner and ask them to bring a fresh loaf of bread.
  5. Homemade Vanilla Extract – We all use vanilla extract for baking. Why not mix up a batch to give to friends. Tip: It takes about 3 months before it’s ready for use. I used THIS recipe. She even has cute labels you can print off.
  6. Charitable Donation- There are many organizations in need of funding. Why not make a donation in your friend’s name for the holidays and present them with a card stating what you did. Or donate your time together and help out a local organization.  
  7. Knit/Create Homemade Item- Can you draw, knit or sew? Why not create something from your heart that will be cherished for years to come. Pinterest is overflowing with ideas for homemade handicrafts.
  8. Buy a Second-Hand Book – You’re up cycling and giving a thoughtful gift in one. Take a trip to your second-hand bookstore. There’s always several classic books on the shelves, as well as specialty books. If your friend is into gardening, mystery novels or poetry there’s certain to be a book on it. 
  9. Homemade Gift Certificates- Not a gift card, but a homemade gift certificate. Offer to make them dinner, help with yard work or babysit their child for free. 
  10. Give the Gift of Time
    Society is so electronically connected, yet so lonely. Offer to have your friend over for coffee or meet at a restaurant to catch up. That would truly be a gift for both of you! You can pick up the tab and wish them Merry Christmas.I hope this list inspired you to be intentional and thoughtful about the environment and your friends this holiday season. It’s not the monetary value of an item that matters, but the thought behind the item.